Cleanhome - We'd love to clean your home!
We are the only Geelong based company that can offer the following deceased estate and aged care relocation packages:
  • Complete management of valuables and property
  • Separation of items
  • Delivery of items to family
  • Delivery of donated items to charities
  • Disposal of unwanted items
  • Complete comprehensive house cleaning
  • Complete yard restoration
  • Home and yard repairs
  • On site consultation and formal quotation
Complete management of valuables and property
Our initial consultation will identify what your needs and expectations will be. We can manage all of your property; from collecting and sorting items to arranging goods for auction, along with disposal of unwanted goods. Our aim will always be to provide a service that suits your requirements and to deliver a quality product that considers the difficulties that our customers may be experiencing.
Separation of items
We can do as little or as much as you wish. Our service can separate items into different catagories that you can determine. All contents are filtered for personal belongings and papers. Items are then returned to the appropriate family members. 
Delivery of items to family
Items that you consider to be valuable to to your family can be packed and delivered anywhere within Australia. 
Delivery of donated items to charities.
We also work with many local charities such as Salvos and Uniting Way and can deliver items of choice for these charities to benefit.
Disposal of unwanted items
Unwanted property can be disposed of via local transfer stations. Recycled products and garden refuge will be separated and disposed of accordingly 
Complete comprehensive house cleaning.
Our company can clean your house to meet the requirements of the next phase. Whether we are preparing your house for pre sale inspections, tenancy or family retention, our cleaning service will ensure that the presentation will be impressive.Our cleaning services include all wet areas, carpet steam cleaning, window cleaning, all cupboards internal/external, and walls/ceilings and cleaning of all surfaces.
Complete yard restoration.
We can clean and present your yard  to the best standard. All rubbish and debris will be removed, all garden and lawns will be maintained to a standard that you can determine.
Home and yard repairs.
Our service extends to providing a maintenance service for repairs to fencing, gardens, doors, windows, painting etc. 
On site consultaion and formal quotation.
Cleanhome Geelong will make an appointment to come and visit with you on site and discuss all of your requirements and expectations as detailed above. We will then provide you with a formal quotation which will itemise all of the services that you request, along with an explanation of the duties that we will provide. After acceptance of the quotation we will continue to communicate with your family to ensure that you are aware of our progress.
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